At LGC, our goal is to provide the longest-lasting, most trouble-free equipment possible. Our computers are built specifically for our customers by LGC and come with a one-year ON-SITE warranty. Each computer system is custom built to meet the needs of each customer. Our systems are composed of high quality components (INTEL processors) and have been FCC verified. LGC is also a member of the Microsoft OEM Systems Builder Program. Our ON-Site warranty includes toll free phone support, field staff support, and equipment repair or replacement. Once the warranty expires our customers have the option of purchasing a Hardware Maintenance Contract*. LGC also sells and services the most popular printers on the market today.



LGC utilizes Intel I Series class processors, DDR3 RAM, and Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit in our workstations. We can customize the workstations to fit your needs.


LGC utilizes Intel Xeon class processors, DDR3 RAM, hardware RAID and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 64 Bit Operating System in our servers.


LGC offers HP printers from desktop to whole office size. All of our printers are network capable, Duplexing and extra trays can be added as needed.

A Hardware Maintenance Contract includes: TOLL-FREE telephone support by our department of A+ trained hardware technicians. You actually get to speak with someone in person. Response time can be measured in minutes, not hours.

ON-SITE service by our A+ trained field technicians, who are supported by a full-time technical staff in our Columbia office. We have field technicians that service every region of Alabama and Tennessee.

LOANER equipment when needed. This helps keep your office up and running when problems arise.

NO cost for labor or parts ever! What we can't fix will be replaced with equipment equal to or better than the original components.

PEACE OF MIND. When surprises happen, you will know your equipment is covered and problems will be resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

For More Information about our Computer Systems, Printers, or Hardware Maintenance Contracts call 1-800-381-4540

*Hardware Maintenance Contracts do not cover lightning damage, flood damage, or other acts of nature.

>>Hardware Parts Request (LGC Employees only)

>>Maintenance Drop Request

>>LGC Windows 10 Upgrade Information

Food Service Products

Key pads

The FRED™ Fast Read Entry Device with Dual Operation – Numeric Keypad and Barcode Scanner.

Students and teachers can enter a system generated PIN or district generated ID on the keypad or they can scan their ID card on the same convenient device.

The NED™ Numeric Entry Device – without Barcode Scanner.
The NED saves money for operations not requiring a barcode scanner and can be upgraded with a barcode scanner when needed. The NED can be set for entry of system generated PIN numbers or student ID numbers.

LGC Point of Sale for FASTRAK

This fanless PC includes a cooling system that combines and integrates heat-sink with thermal pads. It’s not only quiet, but also dust free.”