Special Projects Option

Any state agency may request LGC services for special projects pertaining to installation, upgrades, equipment relocations, and related tasks. To initiate the process, the Agency must prepare a Statement of Work. The Statement of Work provides specific guidelines for the project as well as a project Task Description. A Statement of Work could be used for a deployment, temporary personnel need, or a smaller project requiring service at an hourly rate. Upon receiving the Statement of Work. Local Government will respond with a Special Project Price Quote that includes a “not to exceed price.” Following acceptance and approval, Local Government will proceed with the special project according to the guidelines set forth in the Statement of Work.

Deployment Capabilities

Local Government Corporation currently offers the following services to assist state agencies with special projects:

17,000 square feet of warehouse space with loading dock located in Columbia

Ability to receive shipments in Columbia, tag, inventory, and image for delivery

All state inventory is fully insured and protected with a modern security system

All state inventory is tracked with an in-house inventory tracking system

Ability to deliver equipment across the State

Ability to retrieve surplus equipment for pickup in Columbia or delivery to State Surplus